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Some Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the founding members?

The idea for a rescue network was discussed as early as 1999 among four rescue organizations. In early 2003 several other organizations were consulted and plans were formulated. Everyone involved wants this network to be apolitical - its sole purpose is to help place as many birds as we can. Because of the divisiveness of the avian rescue community and the alignment of one clique against another, the originators would prefer to remain anonymous in order to focus on the purpose of the Avian Rescue Network. In the first 48 hours after sending out invitations, over 150 people responded, so they can all be regarded as the "founding members".

The impetus to DO this at the present is the ever-growing number of HUGE rescues arising...rescues involving literally hundreds of birds being displaced at a time.

What are your long-range plans/vision for this group?

The vision/plans are generally outlined in the introductory letter. The long term goal is primarily to save birds through the creation of the largest database of rescuers and rehabbers ever put together in the US!

The secondary goal is to collect information about how we, as a group and a *movement* are functioning, how we are surviving and what we need to do to grow so that more animals can be helped.

By collecting data and disseminating what WORKS for us out there we can stop re-inventing the wheel and do more good more quickly.

How do you see this association helping each of us?

It is not about helping US, it is about combining our efforts to help more birds. But it WILL help individuals and their organizations by allowing us to learn from one another and fine-tune our practices. We know that more birds can be helped through the concept of networking...thereby allowing each of us to sleep better at night.

Who are you?

We are individuals who are up to our elbows in bird poop and feathers...just like you.

What is the name of your organization, and where are you located?

We are not a separate organization...We are YOU. The Avian Rescue Network (ARN) is simply a location on the Internet to connect each of us in our goals. We are located throughout North America.

How many organizations have joined you to date?

In the first 48 hours we had over 150 individuals and organizations express serious interest. The number will grow...the uninterested and unqualified will leave, and the Avian Rescue Network will include a core of truly invested people. There are literally thousands of "US" out there....

Most importantly, what is your philosophy on placement?

We envision having a network of rescue organizations in every state. When one of us is contacted about a bird requiring rescue and placement, we should make every effort to place that bird with the nearest organization to minimize stress on the bird. Although we recognize that there are many caring, ethical and conscientious breeders, it is the position of the Avian Rescue Network that placing a rescued bird in a breeding facility is unethical and hypocritical. There are many other ways breeders can assist in this network and are welcome to do so.

What do you require from potential adopters?

That is a decision that is individual to each organization. However, various organizations will put their own Adoption Forms, Turn in Forms, Home and Site-Check forms on the website for others to use, modify or ignore. We are not the "birdy police". We have no way and no desire to force people to use our standards - we can simply encourage the raising of the bar for ALL of us.

Please advise exactly who is behind ARN; the members of the board, founding members.

See the first FAQ. There is no Board - there are only supporting organizations and people willing to do administrative stuff known as the Workgroup. This is always in flux and will change and grow as ARN changes and grows.

In addition to the groups who are "founding" this project -

We have working with us the Director of the American Sanctuary Association. We also have several Veterinarians who have expressed interest in helping us with our ideas, ideals and protocols.

We have been involved several times with like minded individual groups or so we thought at the time, but what we were to learn were schemes for someone to come into the procession of nice birds at a low or no out of pocket expense.

There will ALWAYS be people who are out there to get something for nothing. Those of us founding this have TOO many animals already and just wish to work together to ensure the proper placement and lifetime care for every bird out there that is in need.

Do you have a web site or where can I get more information?

www.avianrescuenetwork.org is new and will soon have links up to those of us who are helping with all of this. It is NEW so please have patience.

Miscellaneous Items:

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If you have birds to be placed or want to adopt a bird please register with the Forum and post there. You are responsible for researching the organization or persons that you engage with. The Forum is just a service and not a stamp of approval by ARN. General requests sent to us may not be answered as we do not have time to do so.

If you have just joined and you wish to introduce yourself, please do so in the FORUM.

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